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CrazyYGOShipper has started a donation pool!
70 / 2,000
Gathering points to buy Yuugiou DM commissions!

I'd like to help to support some shippings that really need more recognition in the fandom. If you want to help to see more pictures with rare shippings every point is much appreciated.

Thank you for your help!

If you donate points please leave a short comment for what shipping you want those points to be used otherwise they might end up supporting something you're not fond of.

Please don't send me llamas! I am not going to send them back.


Looking for some rare shippings and cute fanart? Why not take a look at her gallery?
Ringshipping by SilverAibou Smol by SilverAibou

She is an South Korean artist with a lovely gallery filled with lots of cute pictures of Yami and Yuugi. Of you're a Puzzleshipper you should pay her a visit and admire her works. She tends to draw the Yuugiou character's in a very adorable way and she often uses bright and harmonic colours. Her art is ought to make you happy and sigh in pleasure.
MANA by silverunu yami x yugi by silverunu

A chinese artists whose pictures are always full with wonderful details. She has an unique art style and draws Yuugiou characters in a very original style mixing up the actual qnime style and her own.
Wishshipping 7 by hashininaru Wishshipping 16 by hashininaru

A talented artist that should get way more attention. She has lots of fanart featuring Pegasus J. Crawford in her gallery and it's totally worth to take a look at her works. You'll also find some interesting ships there like Puffshipping or Toonshipping.
Sleepy Sunday by Meeps Chaseshipping: What the-! by Meeps

Looking for some demonic Yami fanarts? Then you should definitely pay her gallery a visit, you'll also find cross-overs between all the Yuugiou generations.
Treat Or Be My Treat by Yami-No-Spirit-luver

She draws a demonic version of Kaiba along with many evil ideas and bromantic Prideshipping. Her art style is very unique and if you like Kaiba and Yami you should pay her gallery a visit.
My Strongest Weapon Againt Him by ARCatSK The Butterfly Duelists by ARCatSK

Her style is unique and very beautiful. You have probably seen her works on other Websites already but you should support her also on dA. She draws lots of beautiful fanarts involving Anzu and the others girls of Yuugiou DM. She only draws hetero pairings.
Missed opportunities by ChocolaPeanut Here I stand by ChocolaPeanut

You'll find lots of rare shippings in her gallery. Either it be shoujo ai, shounen ai or hetero you'll surely find something that meets your taste.
Outcastshipping 3 by EngelchenYugi Wishshipping - Summer by EngelchenYugi

Looking for some cute Heartshipping? You'll love her Monster World series! You should totally pay her a visit especially if you're looking for fanarts of Yuugi and Ryou.
YuGiOh Monster World - Return by Ninjam117 Cherry blossoms - Heartshipping by Ninjam117

She is a rather silent and inactive artists but she has a lot of amazing pictures in her gallery. If you're looking fro detailed works in the original style of Yuugiou DM you might want to watch her.
Notice me! by Tebi-chan Christmas gift - Nice mess by Tebi-chan

She isn't an active Yuugiou artists anymore but her Revolutionshipping fanworks will left you speechless. She is a very talented person with lots of different fandoms.
Stare by MoonPrincessAya Seto x Yami (Remake) by MoonPrincessAya

She is probably one of the most amazing and popular Yuugiou artists on dA. Unfortunately she cancelled her doujinshi "Along the way" and you rarely see some new fanarts from her however she still has lots of amazing Yuugiou fanarts in her gallery. You'll find Azureshipping, Ardentshipping and some other hetero pairings in her gallery. If you're looking for an exciting doujinshi you should take a look at her works.
All That I Need by Cleopatrawolf [Commission] Kiss On The Beach by Cleopatrawolf

One of the most popular Yuugiou artists. Her Gallery is filled with amazing artworks featuring OCs, canon characters and some very interesting pairings. Her way of colouring is breath-taking. Sometimes her anatomy is a little bit off but she is a true professional and totally worth your time!

Interested in Shadowshipping? She has lots of amazing YamixShizuka fanarts in her gallery! Also she is taking commissions and asks for fair prices. Her art style is very cute and I'm sure she is going to be one of the best Yuugiou artists in the future.
C - Our lovely treasure by ShinyDorayaki Follow your own Rhythm by ShinyDorayaki

Find lots of amazing Vaseshipping fanarts in her gallery. The way she draws Mana is super cute and Atemu always looks handsome.
love2 by YK-DGB love by YK-DGB

Her doujinshi "You've got mail" is totally worth reading so you should stop by and take a look at her amazing story. If you're an Azureshipper you'll surely enjoy watching her pictures. She is a striving Artist ought to be one of the best one day.
Azureshipping : I SAID, be my valentine. by Alexstraza34 AMV far away - chopper scene by Alexstraza34

Looking for some high quality fanart involving Seto and Kisara? Then you should pay her a visit and enjoy her beautiful pictures. I assure you she is worth your time.
Blueshipping Dating Sim Final Scene by zelka94 SetoKisa Week: Day 4:Sleeping by zelka94

Another artist who draws Seto and Kisara paying a lot of attention to details and mesmerazing colourings. Moreover if you're looking for some hot and sexy Seto fanarts you'll get nosebleed just visiting her gallery.
No photographs please! by Owlteria ricordi lontani by Owlteria

A talented person with a weakness for Dragonshipping. You should watch her if you're interested in seeing new fanarts involving Jonouchi and Yami.
Dragonshipping January by KrazyPerson My Precious by KrazyPerson

An artist with a very unique style that will catch your attention immediately. Lots of her arts are dealing with a dark and depressive atmosphere giving you the opportunity to think about a deeper meaning. Moreover she has lots of amazing Prideshipping fanarts in her gallery!
NOTHING TO FEAR by Tabulae rainy by Tabulae

Is there even a person who doesn't know her amazing artwork? She is a japanese artists who also takes lots of passion and time to publish doujinshi. If you're a Rivalshipper you will love her gallery. I really mean it. Take a look at her gallery. You won't regret it.
Brace yourself, guys by astau An Afternoon Nap by astau

I'm not sure whether this artist is still active but I think I should mention her anyway since her gallery is full of high quality fanart that people all over the world enjoy.
Back to Back by masops Summon it by masops

A striving artist who uses traditional media to color his works.
Yami Yugi vs Yami Marik (redraw) by kevinkamondo Mai and Harpy Lady by kevinkamondo

Wonderful fanart and detailes works in general. This artists really knos how to portray emotions and the way they draw Kaiba looks simply amazing. You definitely should go pay a visit to their gallery!
Yami And Kaiba (Colored) by Ycajal [Colored] Seto Kaiba in DSOD by Ycajal

Her Revolutionshippig artworks are simply breath-taking. The way she potrays Yami's and Anzu's relationship is fascinating and really beautiful. She also draws a lot of other things and works pretty well with traditional and digital media. Paying her a visit is must-do if you're a sucker for YamixAnzu!
The Hug by linkyiwakura Every breathe you take by linkyiwakura

She is a rather unknown artist who draws YamixAnzu fanart and enjoys art in general. She is both good at traditional and digital coloring.
Main hoon hero tera by Lhisi Duelist's Relationship Goals by Lhisi

You know more Yuugiou DM artists? :)
Then leave a comment and give me their names!

Remember to be listed here the artist must have a considerably amount of Yuugiou DM fanarts in their gallery.

Artists who...
• occassionally draw this series
• only draw OCs and canonxOC
• steal fanarts
• make card creations
• use MMD or doll-maker

will not be listed here. Show your Yuugiou DM passion! ♥

If you decide to donate points you can always leave a note what ships you would want to see! I will list these ships here so that I won't forget them.

• Mahaado/Isis
• Jounouchi/Otogi
• Yami/Raphael

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